Best Metropcs 5g Phones 2022 Upgrade Guide [5g Plan + Apn Setting]

Metropcs 5g phones for sale-Do you want to step up a gear and take advantage of Metropcs 5G? To do this, it is necessary to be in an area covered by the new mobile network, subscribe to a 5G mobile offer, and to equip yourself with a 5G compatible smartphone! To help you find the mobile solution best suited to your needs, we have classified the ten best 5G phones and the three best offers with or without a plan!

metropcs 5g phones
Best Metropcs 5g Phones 2022 Upgrade Guide [5g Plan + Apn Setting] 1

What is 5G?

Launched at the end of 2020 in France, 5G presents itself as the new generation of mobile networks, which will replace 4G shortly. 5G was launched to meet the growing demand of mobile users, who consume more data ( 40% increase in mobile data consumption in 2019 ) ever, but also to avoid network saturation in dense areas and to provide an ever more optimal network quality by limiting latencies as much as possible.

French operators are currently deploying their 5G network throughout the territory, starting with the major cities where the need is a priority; due to the high traffic, network saturation occurs frequently. The Metropcs 5G network is currently hosted on 3.5 GHz frequency bands and offers speeds 3 to 4 times more efficient than 4G standards. By 2023, the frequency bands should then switch to 26 GHz. 5G will then be able to provide connection speeds ten times higher than those of 4G!

The performance of the 5G network will also allow the development of new Internet uses (cloud gaming, 4K streaming, video calls in UHD, augmented virtual reality, etc.) and will eventually open up new perspectives in the industrial, health, and even transports. 

Indeed, 5G could well and truly revolutionize our daily lives by making autonomous cars and connected cities a reality! In addition, 5G antennas broadcast their waves according to demand. This significantly reduces energy consumption compared to 4G antennas, which transmit continuously. 

In addition, receiving the 5G signal at the most convenient time will significantly extend the life of the batteries of our connected devices, which will be much less solicited than before!

Metropcs 5G smartphones: what are the advantages?

5G smartphones are essential to take advantage of the operators speed mobile network. By getting a compatible phone, you can indeed surf at full speed, provided you are in a covered area, and take advantage of a metro pcs 5g plan. Currently, France’s France’sage is far from optimal. ARCEP estimates that France should be fully covered by 2030. Waiting for the network to expand to the whole of France, 5G smartphones can also support the 4G mobile network. 5G terminals can thus be used without any problem in an area where 5G is not yet deployed or if you have not yet subscribed to a compatible package.

In addition, 5G-compatible smartphones have the particularity of being relatively recent and therefore benefit in this sense from the latest mobile technologies. Contrary to one might think, 5G smartphones are not necessarily more expensive than 4G smartphones.

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Indeed, and although high-end smartphones are the first to have benefited from this significant addition, more entry-level and mid-range smartphones, which want to be much more accessible, now benefit from compatibility with the 5G.Thish means you’ll hayou’lltrouble finding a 5G mobile solution that meets your expectation ands your budget!

What were the first Metropcs 5G compatible phones marketed?

To anticipate the arrival of 5G in France, smartphone manufacturers launched their first 5G terminals in 2019. In 2020, the trend increased as the launch date of 5G approached, and manufacturers released many 5G-enabled smartphones.

Metropcs 5G coverage Map

The Metropcs 5G plan Apn settings network is deployed in France at high speed and the first 5G packages appeared in November 2020. 5G coverage of French territory is evolving rapidly, to such an extent that it is possible to see a significant increase month after month in the number of 5G antennas deployed .

What are we talking about when we talk about mobile coverage? A 5G area is covered by a mobile network when an antenna has been deployed in the vicinity and whose signal covers the area in question. Each antenna has a given area and a maximum range ranging from several hundred meters to a few kilometers.

Metropcs 5g apn settings

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Best metro by t mobile 5g For Sale-Lets Enhance Metropcs 5g Phone Upgrade for new user in 2022:

In order to help you find the 5G smartphone that suits you the most, we have ranked the 10 best models based on different criteria.

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Metropcs Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 5g:

The biggest and most versatile iPhone in the 2021 lineup is hands down the best 5G smartphone running iOS right now! As usual, the Apple flagship sports elegant lines and has a superb screen. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is indeed equipped with a 6.7-inch OLED screen , bright as desired and calibrated to perfection. The Super Retina XDR panel , with impeccable display quality , is also equipped with ProMotion technology which allows it to benefit from a refresh rate of 120 Hz; a first on an iPhone! The Pro Max model is also equipped with one of the most powerful mobile chips on the market: the A15 Bionic . The latter, supported by 6 GB of RAM , actually offers very high performance and offers the American smartphone great versatility in all circumstances!

The best 5G smartphone in our top is also equipped with a 4373 mAh battery , which allows it to enjoy a monstrous autonomy ! Apple has once again refined its recipe by offering 3 12 Mpx sensors on the back , larger than those of the previous model: the iPhone 12 Pro Max ; the result is an increased quality of shots day and night ! Finally, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is very robust with its surgical stainless steel design, its Ceramic Shield glass (4 times stronger than Gorilla Glass 6) and its IP68 certification.; which ranks as the best on the market today!

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The Apple iPhone 13 Mini: the best compact and 5G smartphone

As a worthy successor to the iPhone 12 Mini , the latest from Apple still benefits from a compact format and very pleasant to hold , as well as a most attractive design. The Californian smartphone has an excellent 5.4-inch OLED screen , offering impeccable display quality; however limited to 60Hz. iPhone obliges, the 5G smartphone delivers top-level performance by equipping itself with Apple’s eApple’st in-house chip: the A15 Bionic; accompanied by 4 GB of RAM .

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There are also 2 12MP cameras on the back of the smaller iPhone 13 , which capture good photos overall . The smartphone also benefits from an honorable autonomy, being equipped with a battery of only 2438 mAh; it indeed manages to hold 2 hours more compared to the 12 Mini! Finally, like the other models in the range, the iPhone 13 Mini benefits from the best sealing on the market ( IP68 ). The smartphone is also protected by Ceramic Shield glass on the front and back, as well as aluminum on the edges.

Metropcs Apple iPhone 13 5g

Apple’s iApple’s2 introduced a new design, an Oled technology screen and 5G support. Its successor, the iPhone 13, confirms these qualities and intends to fill the gaps.

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Each new school year has its new batch of iPhones. The thirteenth generation is now available. The iPhone 13 is the central proposition of the fruity brand, offering the same format as the iPhone 13 Pro, but with a simpler photo block, like the iPhone 13 Mini. We can thus split the Apple 2021 range into two: on the one hand the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max  ; on the other, the 13 Mini and 13. It is this last model that we subjected to all of our laboratory tests.

In the radius of the common points, we find the aluminum frame of the iPhone 12, available in new colors (including blue and pink) when the iPhone 13 Pro are designed in stainless steel.

Metropcs Iphone SE 5g

The iPhone SE is already in its third generation. Apple persists in the field of compact smartphone with retro design and gateway to its mobile universe. However, this format is starting to run out, especially in view of the rest of the range.

Apple new iphone se white 04152020 big.jpg.large

Two years after its last model, Apple is renewing the iPhone SE, the most affordable smartphone in its catalog. Like its predecessor, this third version is based on the design of the iPhone 8, but incorporates Apple’s lApple’soC. What to expect a more advanced fourth generation, but also to offer an alternative to the Mini version which should not be renewed with the iPhone 14.

This year the prices are going up a bit. Thus, if the iPhone SE 2020 started at 489 €, Apple crosses the psychological bar of 500 € with the 2022 model. Its 64 GB variant is launched at 529 €. For double storage, it will take 579 €, and 699 € for the quadruple.

No surprise, the third generation iPhone SE resumes once again – the last one, hopefully – the design of the iPhone 8 released in 2017. Small 4.7-inch screen, Touch ID, large border and unique module photo: here is a design that we could call retro. It will appeal to those looking for a compact smartphone, but who do not intend to succumb to the more expensive iPhone Mini. Still no news on the horizon, therefore, apart from the appearance of 5G, a technology that Apple would have had a hard time not adopting for its most affordable model.

Metropcs Apple iPhone 12 Mini 5g

First expected, then claimed and fantasized, the iPhone 12 Mini is now reality, with its small size that attracts attention. We therefore hastened to see what he had in his stomach. He’s not He’s, but he’s brave.

Metropcs iPhone 12 Mini: which shabby premium smartphones are worth
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With its iPhone 12 Mini, Apple is responding to a persistent demand for a “pocket” “martph”ne. With its small screen and a height of 13.1 cm, this model clearly stands out from all its competitors. Even the Pixel 5, considered a “small si”e” smartph”ne, peaks at 14.5 cm. Bread blessed for nostalgics of the early 2010s in short. 

Especially since if it is small, this 12 Mini shares the bulk of the technical data sheet of its big brothers: 5G, Oled screen, latest generation A14 chip… everything is there. Except autonomy. To contain so much technology in such a small body, Apple had to sacrifice the endurance of the mobile, which embeds a smaller accumulator than that of its brothers. Is that enough to make it a quality mobile. Let’s cheLet’sre…

So here is the iPhone 12 Mini, a high-end but small-sized smartphone. It must be said that its dimensions (131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm) contrast with what the current market offers us. In comparison, the iPhone 12 takes 1.5 cm more in height (146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm). The last iPhone as small as this 12 Mini was launched in 2013; it was the iPhone 5S (123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm). Coincidentally, this model was also the last to benefit from flat edges, until this new generation.

Metropcs Apple iPhone 13 5g

Apple’s iApple’s2 introduced a new design, an Oled technology screen and 5G support. Its successor, the iPhone 13, confirms these qualities and intends to fill the gaps.

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The iPhone 13 is billed from €909 in its 128 GB version, and up to €1,259 in 512 GB. of the one that interests us here is identical to that of the iPhone 12 when it was released… for doubled storage.

Metropcs Apple iPhone 12 5g

Here, then, is the iPhone 12. With its Oled screen, 5G compatibility and protruding edges, it’s not it’s an update to the iPhone 11 . So much so that it rivals the iPhone 12 Pro . Just that.

Apple iPhone 12

With its latest batch of iPhone, Apple multiplies the models, but homogenizes its range. The proof being that Oled and 5G are present throughout the 12th generation. In doing so, it pulls up its iPhone 12 – the standard model – compared to its predecessor (the iPhone 11 ), and brings it closer to the 12 Pro model . So much so that the two mobiles also share the same dimensions. At checkout, this unification of the range is paid for, since the iPhone 12 is launched at 909 €, or a hundred euros more than the 2019 model.

The 12th generation of iPhones reconnects with the past. Apple thus offers finishes reminiscent of those of old iPhones (from 4 to 5 SE) and more recently crossed on the iPad Pro and the new iPad Air. Frank are therefore the edges of this iPhone 12. With this new generation, the standard iPhone 12 also enjoys a new silhouette. If the iPhone 11 was wider and higher (150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm) than its 11 Pro (144 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm), this iPhone 12 joins the tour of size of the iPhone 12 Pro and strictly shares the same dimensions (146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4 mm). 

The only aesthetic difference between the two is the presence of a third photo module and a LiDAR sensor on the 12 Pro version. More discreet, the finish also stands out between the two mobiles. The 12 has a Gorilla Glass back while the 12 Pro has a frosted glass back. Always on the back, it is worth noting that the company now only displays its logo. The CE acronyms and that of the crossed-out dustbin have been moved to the right edge. A clever way to present an almost immaculate rear.

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Metropcs OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus perseveres in the mid-range and renews its Nord series. So here is the Nord N10 5G which is distinguished by a competitive price and a rather well-filled technical sheet.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus finds its favorite playground. Founded in 2013, the company immediately assumed its ambition to shake up the market with such competitive and quality smartphones. A paying strategy since seven years later the Chinese manufacturer enjoys a good brand image, driven by numerous successes. Only then, little by little, OnePlus succumbed to success and slowly tipped the scales in favor of quality, even if it meant abandoning any notion of competitiveness. As a culmination, in the spring of 2020, an 8 Pro sold for €999 in its most expensive configuration.

To recover, the manufacturer launched its North range. After the OnePlus Nord, here is the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. A national road name for a return to the source that stands out. The mobile is launched in France for 349 €. You have to go back to the OnePlus 2 to find a cheaper mobile on the day of its release from the manufacturer. That was in August 2015. Only then, since then, the mid-range world has greatly evolved, with the arrival of Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Realme, which are flooding the segment, even if it means overflowing it.

Naturally, the OnePlus Nord N10 5G offers much less premium finishes than those of its predecessors. The mobile is thus content with a plastic back which, let’s saylet’sis a bit fake. We are still far from the pleasant rendering of a Google Pixel 5. At the back, the photo module is accompanied by a well-placed and easily accessible fingerprint sensor. It is also reactive. At the front, the 6.49-inch slab occupies 85.5% of the facade, helped by a punch in the upper left corner. Only his rather protruding chin prevents him from scratching more space.

Metropcs Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

If the Galaxy S are expected at the very beginning of 2022 as Samsung’sSamsung’sds and beneficiaries of its latest technical innovations, South Korea’s mKorea’se smartphones are just as important. They, which are estimated to represent more than half of the manufactumanufacturer’sover a wide range of products which are divided this year between the Galaxy A13 and the Galaxy A73.

The middle one, the Galaxy A53 which interests us here, is one of the best quality / price ratios of the brand. To do this, it offers a 6.7-inch Full HD + Amoled screen, an Exynos 1280 chip flanked by 6 GB of RAM, an internal memory of 128 GB expandable via a microSD card and a 5000 mAh battery. Its photo component, including a quadruple back module, is designed to include the latest software refinements from Samsung, which of course delivers its device under Android 12 with One UI.

Samsung provides the minimum service in terms of design, maintaining the same design from year to year. That of the Galaxy A52 was certainly successful, but all the same, level of risk taking, we have seen better.

Still, this smartphone has dimensions of 159.6 x 74.8 mm for a weight maintained at 189 grams, and a thickness of 8.1 mm, down slightly compared to that of the Galaxy A52. The grip does not really change however, the terminal remaining a bit wide for small hands. We can recognize a screen with thin borders (screen occupancy of 85.8%) and rounded edges, pleasant in the hand. On the back, Samsung keeps the photo block melted in its shell, with a slightly different integration, but just as pleasant.

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Metropcs Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Galaxy S22 series will presumably be launched before the end of winter 2021/22. Just a few weeks before their announcement, Samsung draws a Galaxy S21 FE which there is no doubt that the release, initially expected in the fall of 2021, had to be postponed despite the brand.

The smartphone, like the Galaxy S21 FE dating from October 2020, is intended to be a slightly more accessible version of the Galaxy S21. Its technical sheet is not very modified, except that it includes a SoC signed Qualcomm (the Snapdragon 888), a slightly larger battery and a slightly modified photo block. Its all-plastic design is of course one of the most visible compromises. Not sure, however, that this Galaxy S21 FE pales in comparison to the Galaxy 21 “very sho”t”…

The Ga”axy S20 FE was similar to the Galaxy S20, except that it adopted a plastic shell, and this is still the case when comparing the S21 FE and S21. The smartphone that interests us here sports a format of 155.7 x 74.5 x 7.9 mm for a weight of 177 g. It’s bareIt’sore than the Galaxy S21 (169 g) which nevertheless has a smaller screen (6.2 inches against 6.4 for the S21 FE). The choice of plastic for its back shell weighs on the balance, and that’s good.

Metropcs Samsung Galaxy A13 5g

Samsung’sSamsung’s13 is the most affordable of the A-stamped smartphones, but it’s not it’sid of interest. Equipped with a screen better defined than that of its elder, the terminal is rather robust and enduring.

Samsung Galaxy A13 5g

The Galaxy A13 is part of a Samsung 2022 ecosystem of mid-range smartphones. It is the most affordable proposal with its price of 199 €, therefore below the Galaxy A33 and A53, the last model of which we tested . Compatible with 4G and equipped with a technical sheet including a large Full HD + screen, an Exynos chip and a 5000 mAh battery, it gives hope not of high-flying power, but of a comfortable daily experience, as well as its autonomy. .

The Galaxy A13 is nevertheless placed in a price segment where Chinese brands, such as Xiaomi, Vivo or Realme are also evolving, often practicing an aggressive strategy. The Samsung Galaxy A13 therefore faces a very recent Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 , but also the Vivo Y21s .

Without operating a revolution, Samsung has slightly modified the performance of the Galaxy A12 tested in 2021. The Galaxy A13 retains its imposing size since it still measures 165.1 x 78.4 x 8.8 mm. Although 0.1mm thinner (!), it’s sligit’s taller, which is why its 6.6-inch screen takes up 82.5% of the front, up from 85% last year. Nothing dramatic, however, especially since the newcomer is a little lighter than its predecessor (195 g).

The Galaxy A13 looks a lot like its predecessor from the front, with Samsung still placing the front photo sensor in a teardrop notch. The hallmark will probably wait for the A14 generation… We note the protection of its Gorilla Glass 5 panel, always welcome to avoid unfortunate breakage. On the back of the device, place for novelty. 

The South Korean is inspired by the look of its S22 Ultra(yes yes…) and places the photo modules directly within the back shell, without a rectangular plate to isolate it from the rest of the device. 

The effort deserves to be welcomed, but do not think that the A13 will deceive: the fingerprints that inevitably dot its shiny plastic shell immediately betray the positioning of the Galaxy A13. However, this plastic inspires confidence, we feel it is robust enough to withstand shocks.