How to Activate MetroPCs Sim Card to Another phone (Updated Steps)

How to Activate MetroPCs Sim Card to another phone-T-Mobile owns Metro Personal Communication Service, an American cellphone service provider. It provides a number of cellular prepaid plans at a reasonable cost. The cheapest single-line unlimited network package costs $50 per month. If you increase the number of lines in your account, the price will decrease. You must activate your MetroPCS phone or SIM if you’re utilizing the service for the first time or if you want to add more new lines.

Activate MetroPCs Sim Card to Another phone

The majority of phones will function with Metro, however, you may use the compatibility checker to double-check.

How to Activate MetroPCs Sim Card to another phone

If the device is not a Metro by T-Mobile device, you cannot activate it online using Metro by T-Mobile. The online activation site is intended for users to activate or switch between their own devices. Therefore, before attempting, bear this in mind. Each Metropcs SIM card kit was created uniquely for the mobile carrier for whom it was intended.

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Thus, a Metro PCS SIM card can only be used on Metro, a T-Mobile SIM card can only be used on T-Mobile, etc. Despite the fact that Metro is owned by T-Mobile, they are not the same and still run in distinct ways, thus you cannot utilize their phones or services interchangeably (unless the phone is unlocked).

Call customer care at 611, *228 or 888-8metro8 to transfer your SIM Card from a Metro by T-Mobile handset to an unlocked OnePlus device. Using an automatic method, they will either successfully replace your device or force you to speak with a professional.

As long as the new phone can take the SIM card and the old phone is unlocked (that is, not limited to a certain carrier or device), you may often move your SIM card to a different phone. Simply take the SIM card out of the phone it is currently in and put it in the new unlocked phone.

Your device’s compatibility and unlock status for usage with MetroPcs may be determined using the IMEI number. These 15 distinct numbers uniquely identify your particular phone and are in this number.

MetroPCS permits its user’s services from other carriers to bring their own devices via BYOP. The device has to be unlocked. Inserting a SIM card from another carrier and making a test call will show you if your phone is unlocked or not. Your mobile phone should be unlocked and compatible with MetroPcs if your call is successful.

Connect Nearest Metro pcs store location

However, it won’t function unless you contact Metro by T-Mobile or go into a store and ask the staff to register your new phone. After contacting them,

  • Remove Your old phone’s SIM card and open The new phone’s SIM tray.
  • According to the instructions, place the SIM card in the new phone.
  • Activate your new phone and wait

Standard sim, micro-sim, and nano-sim are the three different types of SIM cards. Keep a sim adaptor on ready if you are unclear about the sort of sim slot on your new device.

You may buy a MetroPCS universal SIM card, which will maintain your number and come with a SIM card adaptor to make it work in the device’s SIM slot.