Metropcs iPhone 11 Review: the new standard at Apple

The iPhone 11 is positioned as the entry-level the new model for Apple. Cheaper, of course, but not much worse, with a clear progression in many areas that make it an exceptional device. Here is our test of the successor to the iPhone XR, the one that ranks as the best value for money at Apple this year.

Like every year, Apple is taking advantage of September to launch its new iPhones. This year, the Cupertino company is renewing its range in the same way as in 2018, with a standard version, the iPhone 11, and a premium version available in two screen sizes, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. . 

If the price difference is quite pronounced between the two ranges (350 euros difference between the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro, all the same), the differences are, in reality, not that many, and the iPhone 11 inherits most of the interesting new features from this 2019 vintage. In short, it is certainly the most interesting iPhone in this range, even if it will take some compromises to justify its lower price.

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Metropcs iPhone 11 Review: the new standard at Apple 1

Above all, Apple decided to rename its range and named iPhone 11 the successor of the iPhone XR. This rebranding immediately makes it the flagship of the new range, and it is above all, for the general public, the model that will be perceived as “The new iPhone”. Sold for 809 euros in France, this is what the Apple iPhone 11 offers you:

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Features of Iphone 11

 iPhone 11
Screen– Liquid Retina
– 6.1 inches
– Definition 828×1792
– Contrast ratio 1400:1
– Density 326ppp
– Dolby Vision
– HDR10
– DCI-P3
– 625 nits
– True Tone
– Haptic Touch
– Notch
Design– Aluminum frame
– Glossy glass back
– IP68
SoC and GPU– A13 Bionic
– 20% more efficient CPU than the A12
– 20% more efficient GPU than the A12
– Up to -40% energy consumption
– Machine Learning
– 7nm engraving
Memory– 4 GB of RAM
– 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB storage
– No memory expansion
Colors– Black
– Green
– Yellow
– Purple
– Red (RED)
– White
Camera– 12 MP main sensor
– Standard 26mm and f/1.8 aperture
– 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor
– FoV 120° and F/2.4 aperture
– True Tone flash
– Smart HDR
– Portrait
mode – Night
mode – Panorama mode (63 MP)
– JPEG and HEIF format
– UltraHD video capture up to 60fps
– 8MP photo during 4K recording
– Optical stabilization
– Slow-motion up to 240fps in 1080p– 12 MP front sensor
– f/2.2 aperture
– Portrait mode
– Animoji and Memoji
– 3D face recognition
– Smart HDR
– Front video capture in UltraHD up to 60fps
– Electronic stabilization
– Sofie in 1080p at 120fps
– Retina Flash
Audio– Stereo speaker
– Dolby Atmos
– Dolby Digital Plus
– No 3.5mm jack
Battery– 3036 mAh
– Fast Charging 18W (50% en 30 min)
– Port Lightning
– USB 2.0
– Fast Wireless Charging 10W
Connectivity– Face ID
– Bluetooth 5.0
– WiFi 6
– 1x nano-SIM
– 1x eSIM
– 4G LTE
Software– iOS 13.1
Height and weight– 150,9 x 75,7 x 8,3 mm
– 194g
Prix809 € (64Go)
859 € (128Go)
979 € (256Go)
availability dateSeptember 20, 2019


We take the same and start again. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 11 stands out little. The front panel remains identical to the iPhone XR, with still the same 6.1-inch LCD panel, the same more pronounced borders as on the Pro models, and the same notch which contains Face ID. Don’t look, it’s the same screen as last year, but after all, it’s an excellent panel, well-calibrated, bright (625 nits), and extremely accurate in terms of colors (P3). 

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We simply regret that Apple has still not switched to OLED on this model, especially since with iOS 13 – delivered by default with new iPhones – Apple has inaugurated a dark mode with the most beautiful effect on this type of screen with infinite contrast. But after all, we will be satisfied with it, especially since, apart from its screen, the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t offer much more for a tidy extra sum.

 Yes, it’s an LCD panel with a definition of 1792 x 828 pixels at 326 dpi, not even Full HD. However, this is not felt daily, especially on a slab of this size. On the contrary, this “moderate” resolution benefits the autonomy of the smartphone, which is progressing again this year.

iphone 11

At the back, on the other hand, we are entitled to a little design change, with in particular the disappearance of the mention “iPhone” at the bottom of the smartphone, which was present since the very first model of 2007. It should also be noted that Apple has lost height, and now finds itself centered. 

A rather welcome choice, while the back could have seemed too busy if Apple had left its logo next to this imposing photo block. This block is precisely one of the major changes of this generation of iPhone. The two lenses end up a little raised, contained inside a matte glass plate, while the rest of the smartphone is made of glossy glass (on the iPhone 11 Pro, it’s the other way around).

 It will be above all a question of taste, even if, we warn you, the photo sensors of this new iPhone are not discreet, But it’s for a good cause. On the audio side, still no jack, and no lightning to 3.5 mm jack adapter in the box either. The future is wireless and Apple will not fail to sell you its AirPods as an extra. The speakers of the device still benefit from Dolby Atmos. 

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On the color side, we are entitled to six colors, with the classic black and white tandem, but also red (our test model), yellow, purple, and green. We always find these aluminum edges tinted with the color of the smartphone, with an attention to detail that reminds us that we are at Apple (the network strips also take on the color of the smartphone, just like the chrome edges of the photo lenses). 

The smartphone also knows how to be light, despite its dimensions, with 194 grams on the scale. This site should appeal to as many people as possible, giving us the benefit of a generous display surface without the smartphone being too bulky. Finally, the smartphone is also IP68 and can be submerged 2 meters deep for 30 minutes.

Performances, iOS 13:

While the design doesn’t change much from last year’s iPhone XR, it’s inside that things are different. Like the “Pro” models, the iPhone 11 is equipped with Apple’s new A13 chip. When we already see the disproportionate power of the SoC last year (to date barely equaled by the competition), we can only trust Apple’s mastery in this area. 

If the leap in power is there, it remains measured compared to what we had last year. Admittedly, one might wonder what all this power is for, when the applications and games available today on the App Store are already far from bringing the A12 to its knees. Despite everything, it is a guarantee of longevity and the certainty that the iPhone 11 will be able to benefit from many software updates without slowing down,

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Metropcs iPhone 11 Review: the new standard at Apple 2

Suffice to say right away, in use, we do not feel the difference on the iPhone 11 compared to an iPhone XR (and even an iPhone X) under iOS 13. Everything is perfectly fluid and extremely fast. Applications open instantly, and the smartphone heats up very little, even when under heavy load. It’s a special feeling, but we feel that even with intensive use, the iPhone 11 still has some reserve. We will say that it is more reassuring than useful at present. Note, however, that with the arrival of Apple Arcade, this power could well be put to use faster than we think.

On the other hand, where the performance of the A13 chip can be measured now, it is on the autonomy and the improvements of the chip in terms of energy consumption. iPhone XR was a horse, and iPhone 11 is a camel. In our tests, the autonomy was simply excellent. By way of comparison, the iPhone X that I used as a personal smartphone for a long time painfully lasted me the day, when the iPhone 11 can easily last me a day and a half or even two days, without the use being significantly different. . Apple announces an hour of autonomy more than the iPhone XR, and the bet is largely held.

On the interface side, the iPhone 11 remains… an iPhone. iOS 13 brings its share of new features while remaining in line with what Apple has offered from the start with its mobile operating system. The interface is still very simple, and devilishly efficient, and the gestural navigation inaugurated with the iPhone X is still one of the best on the market. Regarding iOS 13, we acquire several features that were missing on the iPhone, such as Dark Mode, a better thought-out file manager, but also an overhaul of several applications (Photos, Reminders, etc.), yet all the new things shared with iPadOS.

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In everyday use, iOS is still just as pleasant to use, without upsetting the regulars. We could regret a certain lack of personalization, but, to tell the truth, it is also one of the strengths of iOS. Everything is in its place, and the device is ready for optimal use right out of the box. Note, however, that iOS 13 is also available with your old iPhones (from iPhone 6S).

Photo and Video

We come to serious things: the photo. Because if some additions are welcome on this vintage 2019 iPhone, it is in particular on the photo part that Apple was starting to lag behind the competition. As much to tell you right away, the iPhone 11 not only catches up with its competitors in this area but even manages to overtake them depending on the situation.

The iPhone 11 is equipped with two lenses, unlike its predecessor, the iPhone XR, which had to be satisfied with only one. We, therefore, find the main sensor of 12 Mpx stabilized (26 mm equivalent) opening at f / 1.8 and an ultra-wide-angle sensor of 12 Mpx (13 mm equivalent) opening at f / 2.4. The selfie sensor improves slightly by moving to 12 Mpx and offering a wider angle, and the ability to shoot slow-motion videos.

Regarding the main sensor, there is a little improvement compared to last year, especially in terms of autofocus, but it is not so obvious in use. The big news comes from the ultra-wide-angle sensor, which is coming to Apple for the first time. By offering a 120° field of view, the new sensor makes it very easy to capture a monumental scene and explore new creative paths on iPhone. In practice, this sensor turns out to be very good, although offering strong image distortion (but that’s normal, it’s an ultra-wide-angle).

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Above all, Apple has taken particular care with the rendering of its two sensors, so that there is absolutely no change in color when switching from one to the other. The transition is also fluid when zooming from the ultra-wide angle to the main sensor (from 0.5x to 1x). Although it is not the first to offer this type of sensor, Apple does it well and adds some interesting features, such as showing the rendering of an ultra-wide-angle shot which is displayed transparently on the screen. screen when in the camera.

Long-awaited addition by iPhone users in photo: night mode. This is appearing on the new iPhones, and we must admit that it is rather successful. This mode is activated automatically when there is a lack of light on a shot and does not benefit from a dedicated menu. No revolution at this level, since Apple uses the ancestral technique of the long exposure, which makes it possible to capture a maximum of details in a scene when the light is lacking, just like its competitors.

Night mode on the iPhone 11 isn’t as pronounced as on the Google Pixel 3 or Huawei P30 Pro, which tends to overexpose the night scene to make it look like it’s daylight. At Apple, the effect is more moderate and respects the nocturnal atmosphere while offering results to match. Either way, the sharpness and level of detail in low-light shots easily rank among the best on a smartphone. Note, however, that the night mode is only available with the main lens, and not the ultra-wide-angle.

When it comes to video, Apple still offers one of the best devices on the market, capable of shooting up to 4K at 60 fps. The quality is simply excellent, in addition to offering particularly efficient stabilization, and we note that the Smart HDR mode which was inaugurated last year (and which makes it possible to uniformly illuminate the different areas of an image) made further progress this year.

Just like in photos, the color rendering is substantially identical between the main lens and the ultra-wide-angle, which thus offers new possibilities in the video. Most professionals will quickly eye the FiLMiC Pro application, which allows you to transform your iPhone into a real professional pocket camera, especially since the app will be updated soon to take advantage of the power of the iPhone 11, and thus offer the possibility of doing Multicam with all the sensors at the same time.

Apple iPhone 11 (64 Go) -...

Apple iPhone 11 (64 Go) -…

  • Package Contents: iPhone, EarPods with Lightning Connector, Lightning to USB Cable,…
  • 6.1-inch Liquid Retina HD LCD
  • Dust and water-resistant (up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes,…
  • Dual camera with 12MP ultra-wide and wide-angle; Night mode, Portrait mode…


In conclusion, we can easily qualify the iPhone 11 as iPhone XR “S”. The smartphone incorporates most of the good points of last year’s iPhone while improving the recipe. Always as pleasant to use, and all the more so with iOS 13, the iPhone 11 above all catches up with Apple in terms of mobile photos and asserts its supremacy in the video. Better performance, better autonomy, and a whole bunch of very nice little additions.

Now, on the question of whether to buy it or not, it’s up to you. The novelties with last year’s iPhone XR are not obvious, and the passage from one to the other is not justified. In addition, the iPhone 11 is not compatible with 5G, which does not guarantee longevity when the new network standard becomes widespread. Nevertheless, the iPhone 11 is a very good model, balanced and efficient, with relevant developments at all levels, but no revolution.

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