Metropcs iPhone 12 Pro Review (2022) : what is this premium iPhone worth?

In 2022, Apple formalized its iPhone 12 Pro. We did a full test of this critically acclaimed premium smartphone.

In October 2020, Apple formalized its new generation of smartphones. On the other hand, because of the pandemic, the new Metropcs iPhone 12s launched in two phases: the first with the iPhone 12 and the Metropcs iPhone 12 Pro; the second with the Metropcs iPhone 12 mini with the Metropcs iPhone 12 Pro Max Deals.

Today, our test will focus on the iPhone 12 Pro. It is also the standard-bearer of the Cupertino company. If the edges of the screen are thinner, there is also a notch while the rivals under Android have all opted for a punch. In Apple’s defense, the notch is synonymous with FaceID and, without a mask, it remains one of the most practical technologies in everyday life.

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iPhone 12 Pro Features

Before going into full detail and the test of the Metropcs iPhone 12 Pro, here is first its technical sheet. True to form, Apple delighted us with features well above the norm. For the end of 2020 and all of 2021 (before the release of the iPhone 13 Pro), these are among the best-performing devices on the market.

 iPhone 12 Pro
Screen– Super Retina XDR
– 6.1 inches
– Definition 1170×2532
– Density 460ppp
– Dolby Vision
– HDR10
– DCI-P3
– 800 nits (1200 nits for HDR)
– True Tone
– Haptic Touch
– Notch
– Ceramic Shield
Design– Stainless steel surround –
Frosted glass back
– IP68
SoC and GPU– A14 Bionic
– New generation Neural Engine
– Machine Learning
– 5nm engraving
Memory– GB of RAM
– 128GB, 256 GB or 512 GB storage
– No memory expansion
Colors– Graphite
– Gold
– Silver
– Pacific Blue
Camera– 12 MP main sensor
– Standard 26mm and f/1.6 aperture
– 12 MP 2x telephoto sensor
– 52mm telephoto and F/2.0 aperture
– 12 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor
– FoV 120° and F/2.4 aperture– LiDAR scanner
– True Tone flash
– Smart HDR
– Portrait
mode – Night
mode – Panorama mode (63 MP)
– JPEG and HEIF format
– Apple ProRAW
– UltraHD video capture up to 60fps
– 8MP photo during 4K recording
– Stabilization Optical
– Slow-motion up to 240fps at 1080p– 12 MP front sensor
– f/2.2 aperture
– Portrait mode
– Animoji and Memoji
– 3D face recognition
– Smart HDR
– Front video capture in UltraHD up to 60fps
– Electronic stabilization
– Sofie in 1080p at 120fps
– Retina Flash
Audio– Stereo speaker
– Dolby Atmos
– Dolby Digital Plus
– No 3.5mm jack
Battery– mAh
– Fast Charging (50% in 30 minutes on a 20W charger)
– Lightning port
– USB 2.0
– MagSafe wireless charging up to 15W
– Qi wireless charging up to 7.5W
Connectivity– Face ID
– Bluetooth 5.0
– WiFi 6
– 1x nano-SIM
– 1x eSIM
– 4G LTE
– 5G
Software– iOS 14.1
Height and weight– 146,7 x 71,5 x 7,4 mm
– 187g
Prix1159 € (128Go)
1279 € (256Go)
1509 € (512Go)
availability dateOctober 23, 2020

On the packaging side, nothing is very surprising except that the box is much smaller than before. In question, the absence of headphones and a USB charger. We find the smartphone and a USB-C to Lightning cable. Because we are in France, future users also have the right to Lightning wired headphones.

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Price and availability

Apple has decided to no longer offer a minimum capacity of 64 GB: 128 GB, therefore, becomes the bare minimum. It’s much better and it may be enough for a good majority of users. As you can see below in the price comparison, the iPhone 12 Pro is available for 1159 euros.

That said, with the release of the iPhone 13, the smartphone is still available at some retailers for a slightly lower amount. As tradition dictates, the iPhone 13s have completely eclipsed their predecessors: they can only be found at a limited number of merchants.

iPhone 12 Pro 128 GB at the best price
Base price: €1,159

Design-Metropcs iphone 12 pro max price

When we discover this iPhone 12 Pro for the first time, we discover a smartphone with clean lines and a finish that commands respect. We’re not going to hide it: it’s a real pleasure to find a modern version of the design of the iPhone 5. For a majority of iPhone users, it was undoubtedly the most successful design of all the iPhones. Now, by abandoning the more rounded design since the iPhone 6, we are also returning to a more technological design, which is not to displease us.

apple iphone12pro 02 live 1

At the rear, we benefit from a frosted glass back of the most beautiful effect and a chrome metal outline: it is stainless steel. If we like this chrome side, the outline takes fingerprints more easily. On the other hand, with these straight edges, we have a good grip that we had lost with the rounded edges which tended to make the smartphone slippery.

apple iphone12pro 03 live 1

From an aesthetic point of view, the frosted glass back and the chrome outline make for a very successful combination. With a weight of 187g and a compact volume, we end up with a size that allows an excellent grip of the smartphone with one hand.

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On the back, we have a photo block made up of three cameras like on the iPhone 11 Pro. We appreciate the size of the screen which we consider almost ideal for daily use. Some will want more while others will want smaller but for the most part, this will be fine. In our test of the iPhone 12 Pro, it went cream.

apple iphone12pro 11 live 1

If the competitors are all offering a full screen with a punch-out for the front camera, Apple continues to offer a screen with a notch. So certainly, it is smaller than that of the iPhone 11 Pro but it remains present. Daily, however, we tend to forget it.

In addition, this notch has a raison d’être that is not negligible since it embeds Face ID, still as practical and fast compared to a fingerprint reader. In practice, FaceID is very fast and we are happy to have it. That said, smartphones that are limited to a physical fingerprint sensor (or under the screen) do not bother us more than that daily.

Screen and Audio

The OLED screen is a standard at Apple. Needless to say, therefore, this year again, the iPhone 12 Pro offers an OLED screen. We take advantage of the Super Retina XDR screen with an impressive contrast ratio and a brightness of 800 nits. If indoors, we will not see any difference, it is noticeable outside when the weather is very nice. And this is perhaps where the contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1 comes into play since, in direct sunlight, the contrast is very good. When it comes to HDR content, the brightness sees its maximum brightness coming in at 1200 nits to better manage the different contrasts.

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Beside, we have the same definition as on the iPhone 11 Pro with always this format of 19.5: 9. The colors are faithful and perfectly contrasted. True Tone technology is present: it allows you to adapt the temperature of the screen according to its environment and it is very pleasant daily.

On the other hand, still no 90Hz or 120Hz – and this is undoubtedly a big fault for some. Now, this is one of the strengths of iOS, it is that there is so much animation that daily, we do not feel any differences. In everyday life, the experience remains fluid and pleasant. As with the iPhone 11 Pro, we have very precise and soft haptic feedback.

On the audio side, we have stereo speakers and support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. As a result, we are always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers with, above all, very good management of stereo sound. It will always be better with headphones, but the stereo effect is still very present on these speakers during our test of the iPhone 12 Pro. It’s a real good surprise for all the little videos that we consume quite quickly on the internet. And finally, unsurprisingly, there’s no 3.5mm audio jack port.

5G, iOS 14.1, Performance and Autonomy

Concerning iOS 14.1, we redirect you to our getting started here which presented the new features of the new version. Before attacking performance in our iPhone 12 Pro test, let’s talk about 5G first. The advantage of this iPhone 12 Pro, like all 5G smartphones available, is that it is 4G and 5G compatible. In France, the ultra-fast network is still limited, so you will have to be patient.

As we saw with the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhones before it, Apple was easily two steps ahead of the power of its SoCs, but it must be recognized that Qualcomm and Huawei are coming back and therefore to reduce the gap. Afterward, the Apple A14 Bionic SoC remains super-efficient and confirms Apple as one of the leaders in the SoC market.

With 5nm engraving this year, Apple promises more power and reduced energy consumption compared to its predecessor. If we do not feel the gain in terms of autonomy, the iPhone / iOS duo still works wonderfully. Everything has always been super fluid daily, regardless of the application launched.

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Last year, the iPhone 11 Pro had made an impression on the autonomy which had made a huge leap forward. This year, we are following the trend with similar performances. It’s not as good since the iPhone 12 Pro offers a smaller battery than the iPhone 11 Pro, but all in all, we have a very good battery life that easily lasts a whole day, even charged.

In our usage during the iPhone 12 Pro test period, we had between 6 and 7 hours of screen time, which is very good. On the other hand, we had a day where the autonomy did not exceed 4 hours of screen time. Everything, therefore, depends on the applications and we have seen some applications that have not yet been optimized, such as the Sonos application for example.

apple iphone12pro 18 live 1

As we said above, exit the charger in the box but of course, the iPhone 12 Pro remains compatible with 18W fast charging. Added to this is fast wireless charging up to 15W. Yes, Android smartphones are doing much better this year with wired and wireless charging up to 65W, we are not playing in the same league.

Finally, note the return of Magsafe which allows you to always position the wireless charging correctly when the wireless charger is compatible. If it is indeed a 15W charger, it is only with Apple devices. We put a Pixel 5 on it and if it charged well, it was relatively slow.

In any case, the contribution of Magsafe is a real plus in everyday life, it does not revolutionize life but it is practical to no longer wonder if the smartphone is well positioned or not. How many times have we seen that a smartphone was not recharged because it had gradually slipped from its charging base due to the vibrations of notifications, for example?

Photo and Video

No big surprises on the photo block. We have the three classic cameras: an ultra-wide-angle, a main wide-angle, and a telephoto. There are of course developments: we start with the main wide-angle which sees its lens evolve with an aperture of F/1.6, which results in 27% more light in low light conditions. Note the arrival of the LiDAR scanner which can of course be used for Augmented Reality but also to help autofocus in low light conditions and therefore allow the use of night portrait mode.

apple iphone12pro 12 live 1

If the iPhone 11s were synonymous with night mode, they only did it on the main wide-angle. On the iPhone 12, the night mode can also be used on the ultra-wide-angle. Otherwise, we find the Deep Fusion technology which is faster and allows even more efficient post-production processing. We find the Smart HDR which goes to version 3 and which allows a better interpretation of the lights in the event of a strong difference.   And of course, the Portrait mode which has been further improved to better separate the subject from the background.

apple iphone12pro 17 live 1

Last year, Deep Fusion was not available when the iPhone 11 Pro was launched. This year, it’s Apple ProRAW which will arrive by the end of the year on the iPhone 12. Basically, until now, on any smartphone, when we took photos in RAW and it was up to us to do all the post-production and of course, we lost all the benefits of automatic and computer-assisted post-production. As a result, Apple’s ProRAW allows you to have the flexibility of the RAW format but with the modifications that the device would have made on a more classic HEIC. We can’t wait to test.

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And the photo in our test of the iPhone 12 Pro? Admittedly, this device is an excellent photo smartphone. Whether in ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle, or telephoto, the iPhone 12 Pro offers detailed and sharp photos. The colors are faithful and not over-contrast like on other devices. The three focal lengths also offer a certain consistency, whether in exposure or colorimetry. It’s rare enough to point it out.

Note, however, that the ultra-wide-angle photos lack some sharpness outside the center of the photo. On the HDR side, the new version of the Smart. HDR does a better job of bringing out dark areas, especially when the background is bright. It’s not as blatant as with other rivals but it allows for more natural photos.

apple iphone12pro 15 live 1

For the Night mode, there are no revolutions in absolute terms but we will note all the same a better mastery in terms of colors and digital noise. We can take night photos in ultra-wide-angle and if we note similar results in terms of colors and exposures, we will also notice less sharpness compared to the main wide-angle. We also remind you that the night mode is automatically activated on the iPhone

In the end, the iPhone 12 Pro, like its predecessor, remains a safe bet in photos. If not the best photophone, it is one of the best on the market.

Better than words, here are some examples that will speak more:

On the selfie side, we have the same hardware as on the iPhone 11 Pro – with a wide-angle lens and a 12 Megapixel sensor (in addition to FaceID). Also, we have the use of FaceID to better succeed in the Portrait mode in selfies. Above all, there is a night mode and Deep Fusion technology for selfies. If we find the uselessness of Slowfies (slow-motion videos in 1080p at 120fps), the iPhone 12 Pro is now able to record in Dolby Vision in selfies and with a resolution of up to 4K at 30fps.

On the video side, the iPhone 11 Pro was benchmarked with stunning image quality as well as impressive video stabilization. The dynamic has been revised upwards, which allows for even more detail in areas of high light. But especially this year, we will be able to film in Dolby Vision or 10-bit HDR and that is impressive. On the other hand, you will have to be careful to be able to respect the chain from start to finish since an HDR video on a non-HDR screen may appear far too overexposed.

Where to buy the iPhone 12 Pro?

The iPhone 12 Pro is available in four colors: graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue, and with three storage options. Below, now that our test of the iPhone 12 Pro is almost over, you can discover the different prices according to the storage capacities. With the release of the iPhone 13, most retailers have removed the 12 Pro versions from their catalog.

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