what phones are available at Metropcs

When it comes to choosing a mobile phone, the options seem endless. With a multitude of brands, models, and features to consider, making the right choice can be overwhelming. MetroPCS, a well-known prepaid wireless service provider, offers a variety of phones to cater to different needs, preferences, and budgets. In this article, we will explore the phones available at MetroPCS, highlighting some of the key models and their features to help you make an informed decision.

what phones are available at Metropcs

MetroPCS: what phones are available at metropcs

MetroPCS, now officially known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a subsidiary of T-Mobile US. It operates as a prepaid wireless service provider, offering a wide range of cell phones, plans, and other wireless services. MetroPCS is known for its affordable prepaid plans and no-contract options, making it an attractive choice for those who want flexibility and cost savings in their mobile phone service.

MetroPCS Phone Categories

MetroPCS offers a diverse selection of phones, catering to various needs and budgets. These phones can be categorized into several groups based on features, brand, and price range. Here are some of the prominent categories:

1. Flagship Phones:

Flagship phones are the top-of-the-line models from leading smartphone manufacturers. These devices come equipped with the latest technology, premium features, and high-end specifications. While they are often more expensive, they deliver exceptional performance and cutting-edge features. Some flagship phone brands available at MetroPCS include Samsung, Apple, and Google.

2. Mid-Range Phones:

Mid-range phones offer a balanced combination of price and features. They are ideal for users who want good performance and functionality without the premium price tag. Brands like LG and Motorola offer various mid-range options at MetroPCS.

3. Budget Phones:

Budget phones are affordable options that cater to users on a tight budget. They may not have the most advanced features, but they provide essential functionality for communication, social media, and basic app usage. Alcatel, Coolpad, and ZTE are some brands that offer budget-friendly phones at MetroPCS.

4. Specialized Phones:

MetroPCS also offers specialized phones designed for specific needs. This may include rugged phones for outdoor enthusiasts, or phones with enhanced security features. These specialized phones are often tailored to unique use cases.

Popular Phones Available at MetroPCS

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the popular phones available at MetroPCS across these categories:

Flagship Phones

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Series:The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is renowned for its sleek design, vibrant displays, and powerful performance. These phones feature top-of-the-line cameras, impressive battery life, and 5G capabilities. The S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra are some of the options available.
  2. Apple iPhone 13 Series:For those loyal to the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone 13 series is a great choice. These phones offer exceptional processing power, outstanding camera performance, and the latest iOS features. Models like iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max are available.
  3. Google Pixel 6 Series:Google’s Pixel 6 series is known for its exceptional camera capabilities, smooth user experience, and timely Android updates. These phones provide a clean and intuitive Android interface and are highly regarded for their photography features.

Mid-Range Phones

  1. LG Stylo 6:The LG Stylo 6 is a versatile mid-range phone that comes with a built-in stylus. It’s a great choice for users who enjoy taking notes and doodling. The phone features a large display, decent performance, and a stylus that can be used for drawing and taking notes.
  2. Motorola Moto G Power:The Moto G Power is known for its outstanding battery life, which can last up to several days on a single charge. It’s a practical choice for users who need a reliable device for everyday tasks.

Budget Phones

  1. Alcatel 1B:The Alcatel 1B is an affordable budget phone that offers essential smartphone functionality. It’s a simple and straightforward choice for individuals who need a basic phone for calls, texts, and some app usage.
  2. Coolpad Legacy Brisa:The Coolpad Legacy Brisa is another budget-friendly option that provides a large display, decent camera performance, and a long-lasting battery. It’s a practical choice for users on a budget.

Specialized Phones

  1. CAT S62 Pro:The CAT S62 Pro is a rugged smartphone designed for durability in challenging environments. It’s dustproof and waterproof, making it suitable for outdoor adventures or jobs in demanding conditions.
  2. T-Mobile REVVLRY:The T-Mobile REVVLRY is a phone with enhanced security features, including a fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology. It’s a good choice for users who prioritize data security.

MetroPCS Phone Deals and Plans

MetroPCS frequently offers special deals and promotions on their phones, including discounts and bundle offers. Customers can choose from various prepaid plans that suit their needs. These plans often include unlimited talk, text, and data, with varying amounts of high-speed data depending on the plan’s tier.

Additionally, MetroPCS offers a feature called “Music Unlimited,” which allows users to stream music without it counting against their high-speed data limit. This is a great feature for music lovers.

How to Choose the Right Phone at MetroPCS

Choosing the right phone at MetroPCS depends on several factors, including your budget, usage patterns, and personal preferences. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a new phone. MetroPCS offers a wide range of options, so you’re likely to find a phone that fits your budget.
  2. Usage: Consider how you plan to use your phone. If you’re a heavy user who needs a high-performance device for gaming, video streaming, and multitasking, a flagship phone might be the best choice. For more basic usage, a mid-range or budget phone may suffice.
  3. Brand Preference: Some users prefer specific brands due to their familiarity or loyalty. MetroPCS offers phones from popular brands like Samsung, Apple, Google, and LG, so you can stick with your favorite.
  4. Camera Quality: If photography is essential to you, look for phones with advanced camera features and high-resolution sensors.
  5. Battery Life: If you need a phone that can last all day without recharging, pay attention to the battery life specifications.
  6. Operating System: Consider your preference for the operating system. MetroPCS offers both Android and iOS devices.
  7. Special Features: If you have specific requirements, such as a rugged phone for outdoor activities or enhanced security features, explore specialized options.
  8. Data Usage: Understand your data usage patterns. Choose a prepaid plan that offers an appropriate amount of high-speed data for your needs.
  9. Coverage: Check the network coverage in your area. MetroPCS operates on the T-Mobile network, so ensure that it provides reliable coverage where you live and work.


MetroPCS, now Metro by T-Mobile, offers a wide array of phones to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. Whether you’re looking for a flagship phone with the latest features, a mid-range phone with a balance of performance and cost, or a budget-friendly device for essential smartphone functions, MetroPCS has options to choose from. Additionally, specialized phones cater to specific requirements, such as ruggedness or enhanced security.

When selecting a phone at MetroPCS, take into account your budget, usage patterns, and any specific features or brand preferences you have. With the variety of choices and affordable prepaid plans available, you’re sure to find the perfect phone to meet your needs while enjoying the benefits of Metro by T-Mobile’s services. Be sure to check MetroPCS’s current offerings and promotions for the most up-to-date information on phone availability and deals.

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